Sunday, May 27, 2012

Splurge or a Steal?

I been coveting these Equipment silk blouse for sometime. Why? I don't have one yet in my closet and I been liking stripes lately. Also these print is not just trendy, it is always on trend which is a good thing. What makes it different from the cheaper ones, well made ! However, I am a day late and a dollar short, the popular blouse was sold out now ! It went on sale from $209 to $83.60. Just my luck.  Last night I found the duplicate from F21.

Equipment Sophie Striped Silk-Chiffon Blouse                                         F21 Sheer Stripe Shirt
              Orig $209, On Sale $83.60                                                                        $19.80
                           Splurge                                                                                           Steal

Can you even tell the difference from a splurge to a steal? The blouse just screams CHIC to me, how about you? Are you a team splurge or a team steal? Please share me your thoughts. 

I say Happy Memorial Day weekend to all !!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and as always I appreciate you.



  1. I totally appreciate the "steal" here! What's funny is that the F21 one probably would last longer because those synthetic materials are harder to destroy than silk. I love my silk blouses but they snag quickly by my nails, or purse, etc! So, while I am usually a "team splurge" when I am cheering for quality and long lasting products, I will go with this steal here!

    Hope you do more of these. Very comparable without being an infringing (counterfeit) copy, for sure! --I am a recent law school graduate and blog about fashion and fashion law. Please check me out at A Preponderance of Fashion

    1. Hi Fashion Blawger. Thank you for the appreciation. I miss the day when Equipment blouse went on sale and I found this one but I gotten so busy last Sunday and when I want to order it that night it was gone. OMG, my heart drops !

      Thank you for the suggestion and I will definitely post when I found just as close as the Miu Miu's and these strip one. I bet there are lot of good duplicates out there. I have some tip on a few make up brushes that are good dups for MAC.