Monday, December 30, 2013

Front row flare

Happy Monday and the last of the year 2013. The year went crazy fast just like any other year.  Today is all about my new favorite flare skirt from the uber  hip, girly, on trend, fashion forward to borderline edgy Front Row shop.  From their vast collections this knit skirt speaks to me. I love the print(reminds me of hundred jumping bunnies) and the flare design. But the mere fact that I have no alteration is like right on the money. The skirt is not made of cheap flimsy knit at all. It has some weight to it but feels comfortable, non itchy and lighter when you wear it and just love how it does not cling to my opaque tights. Front Row's new arrivals are killing me right now. I like them all. 

Truly thankful for brands that keeps working with me and for you who keeps coming back.
 I heart you all. 

2013 came too quickly as I now reflect what my whole year was like but it's ok. It was a wonderful year for us. My husband was finally home and will not travel for work anymore, my son is growing and keeps growing happy and healthy and as for me, I just simply enjoy the company of my precious little family. 
I wish you all endless laughters, love and peace for 2014. Cheers !
{Top: Banana Republic(old), Jacket: DKNY(oldie but goodie), Flared skirt: Front Row c/o, Crossbody bag: Target, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Tights: DKNY, Sunnies: Firmoo c/o}

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Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Mother of the bride dresses

Hello everyone. How was your day going so far. We had a great Christmas like every year and with my husband home and no more traveling makes it even more meaningful to us. My son said he wished that daddy be home every night. I guess all wishes do come true ! Getting engaged are too common during the holidays even tie the knot. How exciting isn't? I can think of one right now, my husband's cousin Sarah. Her mom said that she got a son in law for Christmas, ha ha funny ! Can't help but remember mine ten years ago and  and yet it seems like it just happened yesterday. I got so lucky that I have helped and stress are less and I did not turn into a bridezilla. Well I think that wedding planning and stress can he lessen to a minimum by properly planning way in advance. I know that I sound like yeah easier said and done but let me tell you that it is a foolproof approach to not getting highly stress and disappointed. Here's my suggestion to some lovelies out there who are planning to take a big decision in their lives. Dressv is a one stop shop destination for all about wedding dresses, accessories and even honeymoon stuff and also
 offers a variety of options with style, color,fabric and more but I also notice that the price point is absolutely wallet friendly.

Here are some of my picks: What's your's?
And how amazing are this mother of the bride dresses?

Find your mother of the bride dresses at

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


 Just taking a bit time from my kitchen chores of cooking for dinner later to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Nothing beats the time spend with the family, good food, laughter and conversation. We don't know how much longer will my son still thinks that the big guy in the red suit is not actually real but the fact that my son still believe in Santa Claus is beyond amazing for us as a parent. One day he came home telling us that only 2 of them in the whole class believes that Santa is real. Although he did not give us too much details about what the rest of the kids have told him, my son still believes with all his heart and that is what all matters to us.  Riding with Santa on his sleigh is the highlight for the little guy. Although come to think of it Santa's worked has gone on longer than any of us has lived and yet what he does is simple but true powerful. Teaching kids to believe in something they can't see and touch is something.........
And there's me before the Christmas eve party. Taken before I almost knock down the whole tree because I step on the box behind me and fell. And my husband help me out after he took a picture of me first on the floor laughing too of my epic fall. And my husband laugh so hard he's in tears !

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coats and more

I think I have a slight obsession with coat or outerwear. I keep buying them and wanted it in different colors, shapes, fabric and texture. But the thing is we don't get long winter, harsh cold days and inches and inches of snow in Houston and now here in Atlanta. Sometimes I would wish we live where winters are longer so I will be able to used my coats more often.  I discover this site(click here) and holy cow they have so many choices. For one thing the price point is affordable which is a great thing for shopaholic like me and the rest of you ladies out there.
Here are some of my picks. What are your's? 
You can check their site here.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Le Cool

Hello everyone. How crazy it is that Christmas is just 7 days away. One thing for sure is that I am feeling less stress and more Le Cool. Although it is crowded everywhere, people are just nice to everyone. I have one very anxious kid at home who can't wait to open all his gifts. We just take in as much as we can of few more years until my son stop believing in Santa Claus. Got home yesterday and I found our dogs gift unwrap. Well Mr. Junior snip his way out and found out his present from the bunch of gifts under our christmas tree. One open gift did not do well with my son. He tried his best to convince us that since our dog open his gift, why can't he open one too. Good try but no kiddo !
I hope you have a great Thursday everyone. 
If you want a free pair of sunglasses from Firmoo, please see the deets below. 
{Sweater: Mango, Jeans: Gap BF jeans(options), Shoes: Cameron West for 9West, Beanie/Crossbody bag: Target Mossimo, Sunnies: Marc Jacobs}

Want to win free glasses from Firmoo? Sure why not? Here are the deets for this giveaway.

1. One person will win a pair of eyeglasses from Firmoo's classic series plus free shipping and 5 person will win a 50% off from Classic eyewear plus free shipping.
2. This promotion is valid for 7 days(promo ends Dec. 27, 2013)
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Rules for the giveaway

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Good luck everyone !!!!!!!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In great company

Don't judge if I let you know that we just started shopping for gifts last weekend. We skip the crazy mall crowd and I think we did pretty good finding what we are looking for. Also we have some good friends from Houston that visited us over the weekend so the schedule was tight as heck. We had a good laugh remembering the night of a drinking match off which ended up in an epic hang over, a broken nose and a camera and passing out on bathroom floors.  It is so nice to see my friend G all motherly, loving, patient and caring for her 1 year old baby boy. I am really proud of her. Oh how kids really changed everything!
 Anyway, Rent The Runway(RTR) was in Atlanta last week and I was thrilled to join some other bloggers from around the city. It was a fun night with lots of chat, fashion, wine and delicious bites. It was a treat to be at the event and get to enjoy some holiday collection available for choosing. Although there are less clothes and accessories that night, browsing through RTS's online site is where all the magic begins. Pretty fabulous designer clothes and accessories all available for all of you, on rental of course ! 
Last year I recommended RTR to my previous co-worker for a holiday event. Aside from getting lots of compliments, she cannot express her appreciation for the awesome experience she had shopping with RTR.  
I am sure some of you out there have heard of RTR. For those that are not I suggest that do check them out. There is something for everyone. Every budget, every occasion and every fabulousness......
Thanks to super nice and sweet, Letty Lawrence for the invite.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

I heart Jojo

My friends from Jojolovesyou are having a Huge Annual Holiday Bling Sale(runs from Friday December 13th through Sunday December 15th) and I am so excited to share it with all of you. I have collaborated with them in the past and have loved my clear blings. I wear them everyday and I always get asked and complimented how gorgeous looking they are. Tis' the season of giving and I think you can find something for someone who likes some really nice sparklers from Jojolovesyou. They are obviously budget friendly and really as great as a gifts or a stocking stuffer. I guarantee you that whoever gets it will be happy. So take advantage of this sale prices while it last and give a gift that someone will truly love. What can I say, sometimes it's those little things such as these dainty earrings that impacts the most !

Here are following reasons why I heart Jojolovesyou. 

1.It is made with love.
2. Great quality(Swarovski crystal).
3. Great price points.
4. Who doesn't love a bling?
5. Variety of colors, sizes and designs.
5. Most of all- made in good old USA.

Happy Friday !

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hi everyone. Happy, happy Wednesday. We skip the mall and instead hit the nearby town to cure my husband's antique'ing bug by the bone yard and check out a christmas store that I love to go to around the holidays. They have the prettiest and the most unusual decorations. Inside the store makes me feel giddy and excited. Holiday excited ! I would like to take some pictures but decided not to because I think my husband and son had just enough of me taking pictures at the boneyard and told me that "can we just go through out the day without taking anymore pictures", ha ha ha...Normally I would say "no"  but I didn't. I have the holiday bug in me. I smile and laughing out loud on the inside. My conclusion is that it 's one or the other - super annoyed or ashamed?
Nevertheless, Saturday was a fun family outing. I wore my super comfortable sweater dress. It was a cold day but a faux fur vest, some knee high's, tall boots and some gingerbread latte can't keep me from feeling all right warm. 
What's your Saturday gonna be?
Until next time.

{Sweater dress: Max Studio c/o TJMaxx(similar), Faux fur vest: Zara(oldie but goodie)(fabulous option)Boots: Halogen, Knee high socks: Target, Bag: MMS & bracelet c/o TJMaxx, Sunnies: c/o Firmoo }

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