Thursday, August 29, 2013

Market day

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday.  We went to a market day a few days ago. It's been almost 2 years since we moved to our new house and yet we have never heard of these market day that was held once a month that starts back in May. I happened to be driving town somewhere and saw the sign and google it. This is our second time to go and every time they have different vendors. I wished I have enough photos to share but my husband and my son were not very obedient that day. They are more interested in browsing and get something to eat than to take some photos. As I was trying to snap some photos my son is complaining that he's hungry but do not want the food that some vendors are selling. We have to leave in less than an hour of being at the event. I am so powerless that day, it is a matter of two against one. 
Shorts, shorts kinda day again.....Can you blame me for enjoying the day without all the covers.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
{Top:H&M(old), Shorts: Levi's, Booties: Target(old), Bag: Gucci "sukey" medium, Sunnies: Target Mossimo}

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mint condition

A quick hello everyone. I hope your week is off to a great start. As summer is coming to almost an end, I am trying to take advantage as much as I can. It's shorts day one from another. This mint cutoff is one of my favorites. 
Thank you for all the sweet words and thoughts from my previous post. The family is coping slowly. I guess being busy helps a lot. 

{Blazer: H&M, Tanktop:F21, Cutoff shorts:F21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: A+O, Bracelets: Charming Charlies, Aviators: Marc Jacobs}

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Double frilly and reflection

Since I have several peplum blouses already and if I keep accumulating some more, I keep my eye on the details for future purchases such as this one. A peplum top with double the frill, well yes please ! Very girly, very me of course. I missed out on the white one but black is as good as the white. I think it is becoming an obsession or maybe my subtle excuse to keep buying more, lol !

On the other hand while we are shooting, those ducks keeps coming close to me. They think that we are there to throw some bread. It scares the hell out of me ! I can't stand still knowing that they are just behind me and getting closer and closer. I've been photo bomb !

As I ended this post, I can't help but reflect on what had happened from previous days. Although we have expected it to be sometime, death is inevitable and yet still sad. My father in law died last Thursday and loss his battle with Alzheimer's/dimentia. It's been a tough 2 years for the family as we watched a love one slowly slipping away. This disease is a monster, it's is horrible and would not even wish on your worst enemy. We were deprived for a more happy years with a man my son called Papa Jim. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe, happy and healthy !
{Top: Asos, Bottom: H&M, Purse: Target, Shoes: Boutique 9 Sally, Necklace: TJMaxx, Mirror Aviators: Charlotte Russe}

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Morphed Photos

Happy Monday! I thought to share this portraits of celebrities and royalty morphed with their surprising lookalikes. Can you guess who they are?

 Most loved and most famous princesses of their time has a resemblance which is not to deny. Can you see Kate's resemblance with Williams mother? 
 Both are good looking and heart throbs to their multitude of fans. James Dean from the past and Brad Pitt as the current. Can you see the resemblance? 
 Both are great actors of their generation and I am a fan of both of their works. The great Paul Newman and the equally good actor Leonardo DiCaprio. I have not seen DiCaprio get into racing cars maybe not anytime soon.
This last one was a bit harder for me to tell. Both are famous singers of their times. Rihanna and Diana Ross, both divas ! Can you see the resemblance? 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When I say comfy, i mean it. This dress is too close for comfort. In my book it's a great outfit to wear en route to a buffet restaurant. When you practically do want to eat everything you set your eyes on without even worrying your jeans might pop open. Or if buffet is not your thing then running errands would do it as well. Which is what I am about to do now. 
Happy Wednesday, hump day !
{Dress: Bar III, Shoes: Sam Edelman "Quinn", Purse: Francesca, Mirror Aviators: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: H&M}

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Feeling Tough

Hello everyone. Leather oftentimes gives a tough vibe. Rocker, edgy, even raw. This peplum belt break away from the usual and rather morph into a softer and more feminine side. I think that a peplum belt is a fantastic concept. A girl can't get enough peplum in her life and the fact that it is not just another peplum top in my collection makes it even more fun on my part. 
Whoa, the weekend went like super fast. Dear weekend. I want to catch my breath sometimes you know. Aside from errands and doing some last minute fun things to do before school starts we also deal with a serious health matters concerning our love ones. I don't know what to say but I can only imagine what my husband and my in laws are going through right now.On our way home today as we are listening to this song on the radio that reminds as of someone we dearly loved, I can't help but take a glance at my husband and saw he's fighting the urge to break down. I stop talking and just squeeze his hands. 
 School starts tomorrow for my 3rd grader and he's excited. I am actually going to miss him being home all day just hanging out. Feeling tough and all but deep within me I am so not ready for him growing up so fast before our very eyes. I dreaded the day he will leave the house to go to college.

On a different note, my 8th year old is a good substitute photographer when my husband is not around.  He's my bribed photographer for the day. A chick-fil-A chicken noodle soup and waffle fries does the trick. A weird combo, i know. Tell me about it !

I hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Monday !
{Top:Madewell(old), Bottom: Armani AX, Peplum belt: Asos, Shoes: Steve Madden "Real Love", Clutch: Dillards, Sunnies: Charlotte Russe}

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello shoes

Happy Friday everyone. Quick hello before we headed out. It is the last weekend before my son heads back to school and we'll try to do something fun for him. Have a fun weekend everyone !

Here are some quotes that makes me smile and I think every girl would too. 
images via Pinterest

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Macaron Hues

A quick hello everyone. I am little miss macaron today. The colors were actually inspired by the sweet and delicious confection that I am craving at this moment. A bakery inside the asian store that I usually frequents are now selling them. I am curious to try them since I have never had it before. Oh it is so good. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it. For now I can only imagine a quiet afternoon over tea with a great book to read. Definitely a must do- perhaps one of this days. 
I hope you have a lovely day.
{Top: Mango(old), Bottom: H&M(old/faux leather), Bag: DKNY, Necklace: TJMaxx, Shoes: Boutique 9(on sale now!), Bracelet: ATL Boutique}

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Blurred Lines

I have always like stripes without a doubt just like others obsession with anything bow, polka dots or black on black etc etc. Today is all about the lines against lines. Vertical versus horizontal. Monochromatic. Something different for me I must say. Coincidental that as I am finishing up with this post, I am listening to my Iphone playing Blurred Lines.  Ahhh, love this song ! 
On the other note,  I am juicing. I think my husband thinks I am crazy or bored ! All i heard from him was let's see how long this will last ! I am on my second day and honestly at the end of the day I am super hungry!!!! I want food and it is seriously hard not to eat when I have to cook and smell the food. Plus my eight year old copies what I do for most of the time and whenever I ask him if he's hungry he would tell me, no mom. I am juicing, lol ! 
   Aside from being tucked in a corner of our house reading a lot and in my own bubble lately, life is great as usual. Although a bit sad that summer is almost coming to an end. A trip to the beach is a must one last time before my world is back on schedule once again. 
I hope your Monday has been great so far. Thank you for all the sweet thoughts and until next time!

{Top: H&M(recent), Bottom: F21(old), Shoes: Nine West Boutique 9(on sale now!), Purse: Kirna Zabarte for Target, Aviators: Charlotte Russe}

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