Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camel Suade

I  been coveting this Brian Atwood maniac pumps for sometime now. But his price are way over my pocketbook budget. Unless Santa will bring my early Christmas present this year {wink, wink}. I was perusing this website{thanks Aisha, for telling about this website} and found the exact look alike of the BA maniac pumps. It is the Kelsey Dagger Linzy. It was on sale from $120 to $48. That is a steal ! Enough reason for me to stop contemplating. I did not order right away, kept it on my cart for few more days because I just ordered a pair from Nordstrom 2 weeks ago and just keep telling myself like I always do, if for a few days the shoes is still there, my size is still available then she is mine ! Couple of days have passed by and after contemplating too much, i decided to pull the trigger. I checked back with 6pm and her sale price went up from from $48 to $60. I called their customer service and told them why went up on price. He put me on hold and told me good news, I can honor the previous sale price said the representative and gave me the $48 instead. The deal just gotten sweeter ! I ordered Linzy and was so anxious to receive my new baby girl.

Yesterday I got her and was so excited to open the box. The feeling was like christmas day ! Too much anticipation just to get disappointed... I tried her on. Walk around the house and from such a shoe fanatic myself, I can tell that she and I are not going to get along. The fit and the construction was just not right. It feels uncomfortable right away. The camel color look faded. I know that if I just suck it up and keep the shoes because of the price I will not get more used of her. She will sit in my closet and never be worn but once. What a waste !

My verdict? She is going back ! She had me at hello but that is not enough to keep her... It could have been another success buy for me if I don't have to return her. Also it doesn't hurt sometimes to ask for discount, price adjustments etc etc because you woudn't know , you can score a great deal just by asking. Any penny save =  more money to spend on something else. Now on to my next adventure..... Get the real one? What do you think? Are you willing to spend much on designer shoes? Share your thoughts with me. Thank you so much for dropping by and as always I appreciate your time. Ciao !

Shoes: Kelsey Dagger


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