Friday, June 1, 2012

Tangerine + Stripes

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a fun Wednesday ! I know, I know it's stripes again and didn't even realized until I got dressed this morning. Oh no !  But how can you say no to a cute skirt like these one I found at Forever 21. It is lined, good quality than most F21 clothes you buy and the colors just say "happy, bright, cheery and stripes". If you haven't notice it yet, I have an affinity with the print stripes ! So summer, so nautical ! The colors are vibrant and I love the pleatings and need I say more why she came home with me? My button up blouse has a lovely tangerine color(a cross between red and orange). When I found her it was love at first sight. Makes me want to eat some sweet and juicy Tangelos(my son called them baby oranges).On days that you are not feeling good,  put on some bright colored clothes and it will definitely affect your mood or at least most of the time. Most people don't understand the impact color has on our physical body and on our emotional states. This happens wherever we are at home, school, workplaces and health care facilities. Why do you think when you walk into any kindergarten room and most likely you'll notice a lot of bright colors on the walls. These colors stimulate brain functioning and make learning more fun. What am saying is that color does really affects our moods and other people around you. Try it, I dare you !! I know that I can get a lot of wear from these skirt. I can pair it with different tops by taking color inspiration from the skirts 3 different colors(Orange, Blue and White). The good thing is I have all those color tops/blouses on my closet right now. It means I don't have to buy anymore. Score ! Which is what I did today. If you have to ask me between the top and bottom, which one is the lead role and which one is the supporting, I would say it depends how you look at it. I think the outfit work together. I wore this outfit to work today and got lots of compliments. Are you Team Bright Color or Team Neutral/Nude? Are you some of those folks that are scared to try something different by wearing bold colors? Would you wear these outfit yourself? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much for stopping by and as always I appreciate the time.

{Outfit: Top: Rock and Republic c/o Kohls,Skirt: F21,Sunnies: H&M,Shoes: Enzo Angiolini c/o Nordstrom, Bag: Prada, Jewelry: BCBG/F21,Watch: AnneKlein }


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