Thursday, May 31, 2012

Splurge or Steal

Retails for around $536
Miu Miu Patent Leather Bow Detail Mary Jane Platform
Comes in wide range of colors and material(Suade/Leather)

C/O DSW $34.94(on sale !)
Madeline Girl Bow Pumps
comes in 2 colors(Camel/Black)

 For starters, let me tell you a bit of trivia about me. I am a shoe fanatic and a shoe addict at the same time. Which is a deadly combo is you ask my husband. If there is such thing as a shoe addict rehab or a 12 step program to overcome the shoe addiction, I am most certainly sure that my dear husband would have driven me to the nearest facility. He even jokes that him and the Fedex and UPS guys are on first name basis by now and everytime there is a delivery in a box, he always assumes it's another pair of shoes. He loves me anyhow so he just accepts me for who I am, ha ha. Anyway, here's another fabulous petite finds. I spotted this patent leather Miu Miu bow detail mary janes platform and completely fell in love with her. I would like to take her home with me but the price range is not within my budget for right now. Maybe in the future I will have the guts to pull the trigger with my eyes close and just give in. Like the saying goes, no guts no glory ! The good news for you is that I found a look alike in a much cheaper price range alternative. If you are a girl on the budget, the Madeline is definitely a keeper. It is definitely easy on the wallet but not lacking on style. She is as pretty as the coveted Miu Miu's. But for now all I can do is wish and hope and wish and hope for Miu Miu's...On last note, the comments on this post are all based on my personal opinions. I am not paid in anyhow to do a review and I am just sharing which I think was a good finds. So are you a Team Splurge or a Team Steal? I would love to know your thoughts and even any suggestions, tips and good deals. Thank you for stopping by and as always I appreciate your time !


  1. Oh those miu mius are sooo fabulous! I am normally on Team Steal, and I will only splurge on something if I know I will get tons of use out of it! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Yi-Chia. Miu Miu's are really to die for. I may have to call on Santa to come early this year, lol. I am with you on that. I always think of what would be the cost per wear.

  2. That's pretty cute shoes. I love with little heels coz of my size.

    1. Lovelywife_pettitmom, i agree with you. I need some height boost !!!!