Sunday, July 1, 2012

Splurge or Steal - Silk Blouse

Here's my sunday wants. I am a sucker for botton down shirt. Most especially the shirt made of silk. To me it does gives you a look of sophistication and chic however you style it. I love this number from Equipment but it is not want my checkbook wants. The Victoria Secret is much more budget friendly ! Picture 1 is 100% silk and picture 2 is also made of silk although the VS website did not specify the material composition. By the way both are "dry clean" only ! It depends on what you are looking for and what are you willing to pay for. By looking at both photos, can you even tell the difference? Readers which team are you - Splurge or Steal? Thank you so much for your time. xo xo

 Retails for $209 at  Revolve Clothing

Splurge(100% Silk/Out of Stock)

Retails for $ 79.50 now on clearance $ 54.99




  1. I'll go for steal! Why? Because Splurge is already out of stock, lol! If it weren't, it would be a real tough decision! I love both of them!

  2. I love them both too.... You are hilarious !